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For summer tourists in Ballstad, an idyllic fishing village located on Lofoten in Norway, there are a number of activities and experiences that can make the visit unforgettable. Ballstad offers a unique combination of natural beauty, cultural treasures and adventurous activities both on land and in water. We are half an hour away from Europe's best beach, Haukland beach, according to Lonely Planet!

Outdoor Activities


Hiking: Lofoten is known for its spectacular mountains and scenic routes. Ballstad and the surrounding areas offer several hiking trails, from easy walks to more challenging mountain hikes. Popular trails include Heia, which offers a fantastic view of the village and the sea.

Fishing: As a traditional fishing village, Ballstad offers excellent fishing opportunities. You can rent a boat or join a guided fishing tour to try your luck for cod, pollock, and perhaps even bigger fish like halibut.

Kayaking: Explore the quiet fjords and the dramatic coastline around Ballstad from a kayak. This provides a unique closeness to nature and the opportunity to see Lofoten's landscape from a new perspective.

Cultural Experiences Visit local galleries and artisans: Ballstad and Lofoten in general are home to many artists and artisans. Visit local galleries to see and purchase unique artworks. Learn about local history and culture: Visit the Lofotr Viking Museum for a deep dive into the Viking Age or one of the many fishing museums to understand the region's fishing history.

Food Experiences Enjoy local seafood: As a fishing village, Ballstad is an excellent place to taste fresh and local seafood. There are several restaurants and cafes that serve everything from traditional dishes to modern interpretations of seafood.

Photography and Nature Midnight Sun: In the summer, the sun never sets in Lofoten, providing unique opportunities for photography under the midnight sun.

Wildlife and Bird Watching: The area around Ballstad is rich in wildlife, including seabirds, eagles, and perhaps you might even catch a glimpse of whales off the coast.

Activities for Children Beach Life: Although Lofoten is known for its rugged climate, there are several beautiful beaches near Ballstad where families can enjoy sunny days, build sandcastles, or try surfing for the older children.

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Yellow line is hiking trail/cycle path.

Green line is Sherpa steps / mountain hike.

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